Replat Changes

Replat Amendment Changes to ALSZD Comprehensive Zoning and Land Use Ordinance

Based on recent events surrounding replats in the ALSZD district, and per information researched and compiled (see the “Position Statement,” below) the ALSZD Commission proposes updates in the Comprehensive Zoning and Land Use Ordinance regarding replats and boundary adjustments. Pertinent definitions have been added, and wording changes made throughout as deemed necessary for consistency and clarity.

The Alto Lakes Special Zoning District Commission held a Regular meeting on Thursday, Apr 4 2013 at the Alto Lakes Golf and Country Club, at which a Public Hearing was held concerning the proposed Amendment. On 2 May 2013 all interested parties were invited to speak – followed by a vote on the proposed re-plat changes to the Ordinance.

After appropriate notice of the approved amendment, the revised Ordinance is scheduled to become effective in early June 2013.

Position station on replats
Compliled changes made to the ordinance
Table of amendments

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