ALSZD Zoning and Land Use Ordinance 2013-01 (eff 28 Jun 2013)

The Comprehensive Zoning and Land Use Ordinance is intended to create orderly, harmonious, and sound development in order to promote the health, safety, and general welfare of the residents and real property owners within the boundaries of all the defined subdivisions designated and declared to be a part of the Alto Lakes Special Zoning District.

Alto Lakes is a residential and recreational community located north of the village of Ruidoso, New Mexico.

Print Version:

The Ordinance is 70 pages and the color Zoning Map is 11 x 17. The Ordinance, including Zoning Map and the list of proposed amendments, may be ordered from the District.

Send a check for $10.00 payable to ALSZD, along with your mailing address, to ALSZD, PO Box 578, Alto, NM 88312.

Note on Zones:

Zones described in the Ordinance, and shown on the Zone Map, are generally based upon the land uses described in the covenants for the subdivisions which lie within the Alto Lakes Special Zoning District. To our knowledge, the District Zone Map is the first and only visual rendering of permitted land uses since development was commenced nearly 40 years ago.

County of Lincoln, State of New Mexico, Resolution 2004-19 establishing the ALSZD

Village of Ruidoso, State of New Mexico, Resolution 2005-095-09 supporting the ALSZD

We were recently sent the Proposal presentation for creating the Alto Lakes Water and the Zoning District (Thanks, Earl!) and thought we’d post it to the website for others to see the rationale that was behind creating the Water and Zoning organizations. Click on the photo to the right to view the 21 February 2004 pitch that was presented by the Long-Range Planning Commission to the Club, the Village of Ruidoso, and to Lincoln County on the benefits of establishing the Water and Zoning districts.

The District encompasses 2.5 square miles, including:

ALG&CC Facilities and Golf Course

The Alto Lakes subdivisions:

  • Alto Lakes Golf & Country Club
  • Deer Park Meadows
  • Deer Park Valley
  • Deer Park Woods
  • High Mesa
  • Lakeside Estates
  • Sierra Blanca
  • Deer Park Woods Town homes
  • Alto Lakes Sites A & C (Town homes)
  • Country Club Condos A & B (Town homes)
  • Hemphill-braudt Condominium (was SB U1 B10 L1)

Short-Term Residential Rentals:

Short-term Residential Rental Procedures & Forms

Short-term renters can use ALG&CC facilities only if an Unaccompanied Guest Letter is obtained in accordance with the ALG&CC Club Information Guide, page 4, Guests. Otherwise, short-term renters are not authorized privileges to ALG&CC facilities nor allowed the use of membership privileges.

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