911 Placards (Rural Addressing)

Monday, May 2 2011

In the case of an emergency, the importance of the 911 Rural Placard signage cannot be stressed enough.  For your own safety – it is strongly recommended all ALG&CC homes comply with County law and place the required placards in their front yards.

Outdoor Lake Zoning District
Lincoln County re-named and re-numbered houses, requiring new 911 Placards to identify the “legal address” to which 911 responders are directed.

The Ordinance was enacted as when emergency vehicles (EMT, Police, Fire) were dispatched, the County 911 service found many duplicated street names/house numbers, causing response delays as emergency vehicles went to the wrong address.  As Alto is a relatively new development, the Alto streets were re-named, and some having to also be re-addressed.

The County developed a consistent method for naming streets & re-numbering to avoid the confusion, and requires all homes in Alto to have the 911 Rural Addressing Placards (the little reflective signs you see at most homes).  Once an address has been assigned to your property (whether an existing home or new construction), all that’s needed is for you to go to the Lincoln County offices in Carrizozo, see the GIS Clerk, and request your 911 placard, paying a nominal fee of $25.00.  If you prefer the placard be installed for you, the cost is $35.00.  (For further information, call 575-648-2306, ext 142, or email: amanda@lincolncountynm.net)

Wouldn’t YOU rather be safe than sorry?

The complete text of the 2005 Lincoln County Ordinance regarding 911 Rural Addressing may be found at:


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